Teach Me How To Dougie

Berkshire Teen Trail Crew field report, two-week trail crew 7/10-22, October Mountain State Forest.

I am not confident anyone was taught how to Dougie, which could be taken as a failure because the members of this teen trail crew kept repeating the demand "teach me how to Dougie, teach me teach me how to Dougie" while flailing their arms urgently.

While Froehly, Merullo, Goff and myself Matt J Moore were unable to effectively teach these guys the latest dance despite their persistent demands, I dare say we taught them how to throw down on some tremendous rock work, hardening the muddy soils of the Appalachian Trail in October Mountain State Forest. Rachel and I had the pleasure of taking the group backpacking over the lovely Taconic Plateau where we enjoyed sweeping views of the Sheffield Valley from the ridge and took many opportunities to swim in creeks and lakes. We also taught them taught them how to minimize their impact through Leave No Trace (not very catchy).

And I dare say this tremendous crew taught us a thing or two through their excellent camaraderie, sterling work ethic, and great sense of humor. Special thanks to third year participants Amy Krause and Calder Brown. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.




they never learned.