WMNF Closed - Hurricane Irene


Due to the threat of extreme weather associated with Hurricane Irene the White Mountain National Forest
6PM Saturday August 27, 2011
midnight Monday August 29, 2011.

Current National Weather Service projections call for the weather event to reach New Hampshire on Sunday, August 28, 2011.

· This closure is to ensure public safety and effective emergency operations. The closure includes all trails, campgrounds, developed sites, huts, shelters, and ski areas.

· The storm event is expected to bring heavy rain and high winds which will make backcountry travel and camping extremely hazardous due to swollen streams, dangerous crossings, and potential flooding. Road systems will be vulnerable to wash outs and compromised road shoulders.

· High winds are predicted that will cause trees and limbs to blow down in campgrounds, along trail systems, and across roads.

· Ability to conduct Search and Rescue operations will not be possible Sunday during the height of the storm.

· Please dial 911 to report an emergency. Please report any storm damage to the Forest Service by calling (603) 536-6100. In case of a power outage, call (603) 536-3693.