A Different Kind of Hiking: The Life of an AMC Ridgerunner

Ridgerunner Rachel Goff has done it again! First, her terrific blog Pop Tarts and Poison Ivy was picked up by wend magazine online. Then, this prestigious blog decided to follow suit (amc trails blog is involved in somewhat of an arms race with wend jk). Now the AMC's Ridgerunner program's best clothing-making-friend Outdoor Research out of Seattle WA (OR), has jumped to the front of the bandwagon and featured Goff's inimitable stylings on their Verticulture blog.

Click here to read the article. In it, Rachel breaks it all down, namely: what it is like explaining her job to people, how she tactfully tries to convince people not to litter, and the highs -learning the beauty of a place inside and out- and lows- sweeping out backcountry toilets, lugging out trash- of her life as an AMC Ridgerunner.

Now that the season is over, Rachel is back at Colby, trying to figure out what her next blog is going to be. I certainly hope she comes back to AMC for inspiration next summer.

Lastly, big thanks to OR for their support over the last three years. OR has donated the Ridgerunner shirts, the SoDo, which is a stylish, quick-drying, durable, and generally excellent shirt. When I was a Ridgerunner in 2004, we were ballin' on a budget so our shirts came from Wear-Guard and they were cotton, heavy, hot, and somewhat miserable for a backpacking shirt. OR has saved the modern Ridgerunner from this uncomfortable fate and we are grateful for their excellent gear and their willingness to help us in our mission to protect the AT.