Deck the (log) halls!

Backcountry caretakers are unique, dreaming of days spent on glorious high alpine ridgelines, but also having no qualms about talking about the actual consistency of the “material” in the composting outhouses. They also love their jobs, and express their love in unique ways.

So, how do caretakers celebrate the holidays? One of our first-year caretakers, Angela, celebrates annually with building a gingerbread house with her sister. This year, Angela’s was a gingerbread shelter, complete with outhouse!

According to Angela, who can be found caretaking at Cardigan Lodge right now, she wanted to make a Garfield Ridge Shelter inspired gingerbread one, but she found the wall lines too tricky to build. We’ll cut her some slack, she is a caretaker and not a timberframer after all.

Happy holidays from us in the Trails Department!!!