Backcountry Caretaker Poetry Slam!

They write songs, draft haikus and Shakespearean sonnets, build gingerbread shelters....the way caretakers express the love of their jobs is wide, variable, and totally awesome.

I'd like to present you with a poetry slam/ rap battle between Garfield Ridge '11 Caretaker Kale and current Guyot Caretaker Joe. Kale, currently a triathlete coach (among other talents) and manager of his own blog Adventures of Tentman, expressed his love of Garfield in a rhyming couplet poem. Joe, who came to us with a background in community organizing and door to door olive oil sales, developed his rap while hiking to and from Guyot over the course of this summer.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on their writing prowess!

Sunset on Mt Garfield, photo by Kale

Midsummer Meeting Medley: Kale 2011

Twas mid-July, on a hot summer night
10 Kids in a circle, all wearing headlights
Sharing their stories of the hike and the day
I was wary to join in, but finally said “ok”
The vibes were all good, as the kids took their turns
A traveling school, they would live what they learned
Awoke the next morning, and eyed the outfit
You know, the one you put on when you’re stirring the shhhhhhh
It’s around the corner, or is it?
Unlatch the back door, time to stir the shiznit
Homogenizing with black flies in my eyes
Swirlin and twirlin, trying to bite in midflight
Until day turns to night
Hours go by, when I hear “Look, South Twin!”
“It’s a giant full moon, and it’s rising again!”
Strolled back to my tent, after observing the mood
And what sat on my porch? A big fat raccoon!
Sniffing and plotting a way into my tent
I took off my shirt, and Phew! Off he went!
Cause my body is jacked from rolling big boulders
He wanted nothing to do with these composting shoulders!
Oh summer, dear summer, I Just wish you would last
You’re flying right by, heck, you’re already half past!
So many memories, by now they’re just fleeing
I can’t really believe that it’s midsummer meeting!

Guyot Campsite Rap: Joe 2012

Guyot tentsite, highest tentsite
Mr Sunset, better sunset
Little tree why you do that?
Why you grow there?
There’s no dirt there?
Little mouse, why you do that
Why you pee there
That’s my stuff yo. Backwoods Ethics bro
Pemi Wilderness, best Wilderness.
It’s my job to protect this
On the rainy days, I don’t see anybody anyways
Sigh I can’t believe my eye
Is it cloudy for a 3rd day hey!
I’m stayin’ lo, on patrol
Cuttin down trees with ease, eatin’ tortilla and cheese
Please pee outside of the collector bin
If you don’t that is a sin
It makes it harder for me to stir
Brr! There goes the temperature, it’s fallin’ makin’ me look forward to morning shelters radio call in….
This is 66 Guyot I got nothin’ to say all I want is my day’s pay.