NH-JAG on the Silver Screen

Woodsville NH-JAG students were well under way constructing rock staircases, waterbars, and stepping stones during their third and final week of work on the Reel Brook Trail. Each day of their final week the students and our two trail crew leaders would hike the 1.5 miles into their project site. The work was challenging, but rewarding for the group of students.

To kick off their third week Katie Dichard of NH-JAG, Mac Griffin of AMC, and Alex DeLucia of AMC paid a visit to the crew in the field. Mac is working on a series of AMC Teen Trail Crew videos for the AMC Trails Department. Mac was out earlier this summer with the Berlin students, and now with our group in Woodsville, interviewing the participants and getting footage of the work in progress.

Mac expects to have a finished video, under 10 minutes in length, that highlights the AMC and NH-JAG partnership. This AMC/NH-JAG video, as well as other Teen Trail Crew videos, is expected to be complete by this fall 2012.

Keep an eye out of these new videos on our Trails Blog. Thanks to Mac for his filming and editing efforts, and thanks to the students for all of their hard work.