Where's Hank?

Hank, the cairn baby, a long standing friend and confidante of the White Mountain volunteer trail crews has landed for a short stint in the Hundred Mile Wilderness of Maine. Rumor has it that Hank was discovered in a cairn on Mt. Washington during an alpine crews' work day a few years ago. Post emerging from the mountain Hank has taken a liking to Camp Dodge and routinely travels all over the Whites in the packs of various crew leaders and volunteers. This past week Hank jumped ship along with two interns and joined the Maine Woods Teen Trail crew for ten days of trail maintenance in central Maine.

The crew has been busy brushing out trails surrounding the little Lyford Ponds, whapping out a ski bridge and monitoring the Appalachian Trail corridor boundary near Third Mountain Trail. Hank has tagged along through it all. Whether it's hanging out in a crew  member's pocket during the work day, napping in an intern's bug net tucked on a
helmet or surviving a leech attack in Long Pond; Hank's pearly blue eyes have sparkled through it all.

Hank and the crew have experienced great weather, ridiculous amounts of food and some wonderful Leave No Trace and conservation discussions together. Hank hasn't spoken much but his eyes say it all. It appears he has enjoyed his stay but does look forward to returning to his home mountains.

Hasta pronto, Hank!
Maine Woods Teen Trail Crew # tres!