Woodsville JAG - Maintains Reel Brook Tr.

The Woodsville NH-JAG Program has been making great strides in the maintenance of the Reel Brook Trail. Reel Brook Tr. is a feeder trail to the AT at the south end of the Kinsman Range. The crew started their three weeks of trail work by brushing out the trail and clearing all the existing drainage structures.
Eventually the crew made it to the junction with the AT and on to hang out at Eliza Brook Shelter, an AMC managed campsite along the Appalachian Trail.
Now that the basic maintenance is out of the way, the crew has started to work on rock projects, building a large multi-step rock staircase about 1.5 miles up the trail. The crew has picked up rock work skills rather quickly and have made great progress in just the past two days.
Keep up all of the great work!