Introducing The Massachusetts AT Committee!

AMC Berkshire Chapter's Appalachian Trail Committee is delegated by the Park Service management responsibility for the management of the nearly 90 miles of trail in Massachusetts.  And they do an incredible job!  Not that it's a competition, but in my humble estimation this group of dedicated volunteers is at the top of the pile of the 30 maintaining clubs from Maine to Georgia.  Not only is the trail well-marked, clear of blowdowns, and free of brush, the shelters are in sterling condition, rare and endangered plants are being monitored and protected, and the land surrounding the AT is maintained and monitored under the watchful eyes and busy hands of more than 100 volunteers.

But still, your help is needed.  Take a look at the committee's great blog of their work projects and some of what they've accomplished this year:  It includes power wheelbarrows, pickup trucks, beaver deceivers, carpentry, composting toilets, and more! Projects are usually Tuesdays and Saturdays from April through October.  Here's a list:

Though this field season is almost over there are still opportunities to get involved and give back with the AMC's dedicated AT Volunteers!