Reflections of Acadia - Weeks #1 and #4, 2012

Week one – In addition to Zack and Bill the crew was made up of six women and two men. While there was some trail work experience among the participants, most were new to the activity. The project during the day was Ditch and Fill on a trail that had been closed but was scheduled to be re-opened this fall. At night Spite and Malice was the theme. The ditch and fill process was somewhat complicated by roots, rocks and on Wednesday rain which brought on the MUD. While you would think that the mud would bring on the spite and malice, this was not the case.  Spite and Malice is actually a card game played by several of the crew while others relaxed in front of the fire place.
The crew did an amazing amount of work, removing rocks, digging drainage trenches and building up the treadway with mineral soil and rocks. All either learned new skills or reinforced existing skills. Zack came through for us with great breakfasts and dinners. While Zack did most of the cooking the crew helped with the prep and bottle washing.
These two pictures by Joanne tell some of the week 1 story.
Week four – This time in addition to Zack and Bill the crew was made up of six men and two women.  The work site moved to “The Bowl” near the Bee Hive. On week one we almost never saw a hiker, on week four there was a steady stream of people. Most were impressed with our work, giving thanks and occasional hugs. The project consisted of setting check steps, making  crush, digging mineral soil, clearing drainage and carrying  logs. The logs were a real challenge. Each was six feet long and ranged from 6 inches to 12 inches in diameter and had to be brought in over 1.5 miles and up over 300 feet. Not all were able to participate fully in the log carrying but there was plenty of work for everyone.
At the end of our four work days 31 check steps had been set. The pictures by Jodi that are below show the before and after.
Once again a good job was done by everyone. Zack provided great meals and when Friday came most used their day off to explore Acadia.

Submitted by
AMC Trails Volunteer Leader