Trying New Things...

This summer the AMC Volunteer Trails Program is trying some new volunteer crews.  In New Hampshire, we're headed south for the summer to Cardigan Lodge.  The nice thing about Cardigan, you don't have to drive alllllllllll the way up to Camp Dodge Volunteer Center in the White Mountains.  Plus, there will be a private campsite with a fire ring and tent platforms up the trail from the Lodge itself.  Oh, and there will be plenty of opportunity to go swimming in the pond at the Lodge.  These are going to be base camp crews, so an excellent opportunity to get a good introduction to volunteering on trails, and hiking, and camping, without the rough ruggedness of the White Mountains.  Should be a grand time!

For more information about our Cardigan Crews, including dates, visit:,

For info on Cardigan Lodge itself, go to:

Noble View Oudoor Center
View from Noble View into the Valley Below
Down in Massachusetts, our Berkshire Teen Trail Crew Program has a new base camp crew, headed by a new Program Supervisor Alice Webber, located at Noble View Outdoor Center.  As we expand our Berkshire Volunteer Program, we wanted to add a base camp crew option like the White Mountains has, and Noble View offers a great chance to do that.  There are hiking trails and ski trails aplenty to work on and Noble View itself is an amazing facility.

If you want some more information on the Noble View Crew, visit:

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Hope to see you on trails this summer!