Mt. Jasper Trail Assessment for Berlin NH-JAG Crew - 2013

This past Wednesday, Madison and Alana (the two AMC/NH-JAG trail crew leaders for this summer) did a trail assessment report of Mount Jasper in Berlin. A trail assessment report is done with a wheel, shown in the picture below. The wheel tracks the length of the trail and is used to identify where trail work has been done and needs to be done. We marked trail intersections, blazing on the trees, muddy or steep areas that need work, and past trail work projects. Although rainy days are not usually preferred for hiking, the water was very useful in showing us where the trail is experiencing flooding and erosion.

Madison had never hiked Mount Jasper before and she was very impressed with the work that JAG students have done over the past two years. The students have completed nine rock staircases, four rock water bars, seven wooden bog bridges, and basic maintenance throughout the entire trail.

We are both extremely excited to start a new season with the Berlin JAG students. We saw today how effective their past trail work has been in reducing erosion on the trail, and we can’t wait to finish it up and have the trail fully accessible to the community.