Headed Out West to Sunny Southern California in March 2014!

We have so many amazing volunteers who help us during the peak trail work season in the White Mountains from April to October, but somehow, that is still not a long enough season for volunteering on trails.  No, we have seen a spike in interest in off-season volunteer vacations among our adult volunteers with the US Virgin
The PCT is in wide open country
Island Adult Crews on St. John – which we are running again in February 2014!  So we decided that we should continue this excellent trend by heading to the southwest in March to work on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The PCT is a sister national scenic trail to our own Appalachian Trail.  Congress designated both trails as national scenic trails in 1968, incorporating them into law and decreeing that they exist for the enjoyment of all people.  We hope to ensure that enjoyment by helping the Pacific Crest Trail Association maintain a portion of the trail outside sunny San Diego. 
Join us in sunny Southern California
Join us in sunny southern California

From March 15-22, we are going to work and stay in the Laguna Mountains outside of San Diego.  Our home for the week will be the comfy and ideally located Red Tailed Roost, home to local PCT volunteer groups.  From the Roost, we will travel each day to the PCT to help standardize the trail, improve the tread, install drainage structures, and do whatever we can to help the PCT be an awesome place to get outdoors.

So join us for this new opportunity, and enjoy some warmer climes in the winter too! 

For more information on the AMC/PCT crew, check out our project description. 

For more information on the Red Tailed Roost, visit:  http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/cleveland/news-events/?cid=FSBDEV7_016888  

And contact me, Brendan Taylor, North Country Trails Volunteer Supervisor, at btaylor@outdoors.org for questions or to register.

Hope to see you on the trails!