Adult Volunteer Program Headed to Noble View and Little Lyford

This year presents unique opportunities for our Adult Volunteer Trail Crew Program as we are headed to a couple places we have not been:  Little Lyford Pond Camp in the Maine Woods and Noble View Outdoor Center in central Massachusetts.  We are offering these opportunities to Adult Volunteers aged 18 and over for a variety of reasons.

So many folks have volunteered with our program all over New England – and beyond, including California, the Virgin Islands, and soon Florida – so we are always trying to keep engaging everyone with new exciting locations.  Little Lyford is a beautiful lodge in the remote 100-Mile Wilderness area with peaceful cabins on pristine lakes.  Noble View is another cozy lodge that gives visitors the sense of being in remote natural area, but with awesome views of Boston.  Either one of these locations will make for an amazing volunteer week.

We aren’t just offering these volunteer opportunities at Little Lyford and Noble View because they are great places to live and work.  No, the AMC needs help maintaining trails all throughout the northeast and the Adult Volunteer Trail Crew Program offers the best resources to address trail needs.  The AMC of course has the vaunted Professional Trail Crew that does impressive work in the White Mountains of the North Country, and we have our vibrant volunteer Teen Trail Crew Program to help them out, but both of these programs are fairly limited to the White Mountain region.  There is the Roving Conservation Crew that also travels like our Adult Program, but they are contracted out for very technical and specific projects. 
With all of these other programs though, there is still a high demand for work on lands all throughout New England – work that is too far from the White Mountains for our Pro-Crew or Teen Trail Crew, or work that requires a lot of hands as opposed to the technical work of the RCC.  That is where the Adult Volunteer Trail Crews come in, traveling all over to help in some amazing places.  In the past, it has been Burnt Island off the coast of Maine, then there is always Acadia National Park in the fall, but this year we want your help down in Massachusetts at Noble View and up in the Maine Woods at Little Lyford!

To learn more about our program and sign up, check out both volunteer crew descriptions here:  See you on the trails!