Over the past two years, the AMC Volunteer Teen Trail Crew program has partnered with the Greater Lovell Land Trust and Loon Echo Land Trust in Maine.  This partnership has grown out of a need of the Land Trusts for volunteer work on their trails.  The AMC Teen Trail Crew program has the ability to recruit teens from all over New England and beyond to come up and provide valuable trail work to GLLT and LELT. 

In return, our crew participants get to experience a new location that is unique from our traditional White Mountain National Forest crew locations.  Plus, we get to learn about the differences in managing a small Land Trust versus a large public land unit like the National Forest; all while enjoying front country amenities as these crews get to be based at roadside facilities near excellent swimming areas! 

This partnership does not just benefit the Land Trust and the Teen Crew program; local residents in the area benefit as well.  When we work on trails in the White Mountains, the users who experience the improved trails might come from all over the country, so they don’t always know what condition the trails were in before we worked on them.  Most users of trails on GLLT and LELT though, are residents who live in neighborhoods around the land trusts, so they immediately see the upgrade in trail conditions and are that much more grateful to our hard working crews. 

So, help us continue to support this invaluable partnership with GLLT and LELT by signing up for these crews:  LELT runs from July 20-25 and the GLLT crew runs August 10-15. 

To find out more information about these and other Teen Trail Crews, and to sign up, check out our link here: 

And check out our partner Land Trust Organizations as well, the Greater Lovell Land Trust and Loon Echo Land Trust.