Griphoists, Axes, & Packboards!

With the emergence of black flies and mosquitoes, Diapensia and Alpine Azalea blooms, comes also the arrival of the AMC White Mountain Professional Trail Crew. The crew of 17, began patrolling AMC maintained trails on May 24th, chopping out blow downs and cleaning drainages. A daunting task for anyone, the crew managed through 344.7 + trail miles on sore knees, legs, and blistered feet, wrapping up the majorty of the patrols in the Prezies with an overnight stay at Lakes. Many thanks to the hut croo! We do have a handful of trails still to patrol and a small crew will head out later this week to tackle those trails, but in the mean time we have begun what all trail crews are here to do... Woods Projects!

Yesterday in front of the trails bay, the sun was shining as 3 crews geared up for their respective trail projects: Tux, Old Bridal Path, and Web-Jack (Jackson stretch).  OBP is a special project to fix up some of the trail right from the trailhead where Walker Brook jumped it banks (again) and gutted most of the lower section. The crew will be at this site for only this week to accomplish some quick fixes and fill in some dangerously large holes in the trail.

This season yields great projects that will give the crew a chance to work in a variety of locations and on a different projects. The crews will be working on Web-Jack, Carlo Col, Avalon, and Falling Waters for the majority of the summer, with other projects on 19 Mile, Old Speck, Fishin' Jimmy, Davis Path, and Osceola.

While you're out on the trails, look for the crew and give them your thanks. They are busting their butts out there to keep our old and historic trails in good shape!