Berkshire Crew Leader Training Concludes

     Crew leader training in the Berkshires was action packed this summer. After returning to the Kellogg Conservation Center (KCC) from Camp Dodge the crew leaders headed to Noble View Outdoor Center for a two day Leave No Trace intensive course led by Alice Webber and Benjamin Barry. In the evenings the crew leaders explored the soon-to-be revamped trails around the property. Crew Leaders Molly and Dave, who will be leading teen trail crews around Noble View all summer, were happy to discover that streams and swimming holes abound.

     Once back at the KCC trails staff booted up and partnered up with local volunteers for three projects including the replacement of bog bridges on the Appalachian Trail. A lot of laughing and learning happened as the crew leaders worked alongside a large group of seasoned veteran volunteers. The good times carried on into the afternoon as the trails staff was treated to a well-stocked barbecue lunch complete with ice-cold beverages served out of wheelbarrows; quite apropos at the rustic and pastoral KCC.

     The following week, staff traveled to Clam River for another day of bog bridge building and this time the ante was upped. The bridges were made from downed trees and all finish work was done entirely with hand tools.
     Just as rain wont' stop the teen trail crews from doing trail work this summer it certainly didn't deter rock work from being done on the Appalachian Trail during training. Crew leaders honed their rock scouting and setting skills in the dense woods of Western Massachusetts and took lunch in a beautiful stone shelter at an overlook on Mt. Everett.

     This past few weeks of training culminated in the much anticipated start of trail crew expeditions in the Berkshires with one excited crew of teens headed to Becket and another cheerful bunch to Noble View. From all of us loving life in the Berkshires to all of you out there, we wish you a wonderful and adventure filled summer!