Restoring Trails on Mt. Avalon

Crew building a rock water bar.
With only a fews days remaining before the White Mountain Professional Trail Crew takes their "long days" it's a good time to make notice of what ground work has been made on the Avalon Trail so far this summer and to highlight the support the crew has been given to make these trail restoration projects become reality. Three weeks of crews have been able to install 20 bog bridges, replace several rotten wood water bars with rock, and save deteriorating steep graded sections of trail with rock staircases. Many more weeks of work are scheduled with focus on working towards the Mt. Avalon summit.

New case construction.
Finished stretch of bog bridges.
In March the AMC was given assistance from the National Forest Foundation (NFF), based in Missoula, Montana. If you're unfamilar with NFF check out their website for greater details, but in short, NFF is a major supporter of National Forests and Grasslands throughout the United States while building strong communties around these special places. That's good news for not only the AMC but the USFS and everyone who lives in and around the WMNF and those who come from away to recreate here. Support from the National Forest Foundation has provided the AMC Pro Crew the opportunity to do much needed work on the well used Avalon Trail to help conserve and protect the natural resources in that area.