Volunteer Vacations Go International

Sunset in Costa Rica (photo by Nat Scrimshaw)

We have so many amazing volunteers who help us during the peak trail work season in the White Mountains, but somehow, that is still not a long enough season for volunteering on trails.  No, we have seen a spike in interest in off-season volunteer vacations among our adult volunteers with the US Virgin Island and Southern California PCT Crews – which we are running again in Winter 2015!  Therefore, we decided that we should continue this excellent trend embarking on our first truly international Volunteer Vacation by heading to Costa Rica from April 4-11, 2015!

Sendero Pacific (Pacific Slope Trail)
Sendero Pacifico (Pacific Slope Trail) project combines recreation, conservation and sustainable community development.  It envisions a network of trails, huts, protected forest, and sustainable farms and communities between the Monteverde cloud forest and mangrove forests in the Gulf of Nicoya. While there is a primary route, the Sendero Pacifico is a trail system with various hiking options rather than a single long trail. Trail sections connect a network of small towns and each community develops and maintains its own trail and hut system. We will be working in one of these communities, San Luis de Monteverde.

The program runs for eight days, with two travel days, one free day, and five work days. Project-related training will be provided by an AMC Volunteer Trails Program Crew Leader, under direction of volunteers from the ADISL. This program is open to all over the age of 18.
Volunteers stay at the Albergue Amapala (a hiking hut) and hike to work locations along the trail. Travel may involve up to an hour hike in from the trailhead and carrying heavy loads of 20 to 30 pounds. Crews will work five days during the program, averaging 4-6 hours per day in the field, with one day off and afternoons free for enjoying the surrounding area.
Projects may include clearing drainage ditches, brushing back vegetation, out-sloping, general correcting of erosion and erosion problems, moving stone for water bars and embankments or building rock stairs, drainage structures, or retaining walls. 

2015 Dates:
April 4-11
$350.00 for AMC Members
$385.00 for Non Members
To learn more about the crew, including more details on the work, lodging, travel, and to register please contact Brendan Taylor at btaylor@outdoors.org