Hitting The Ground Running...and Brushing!

Spring has finally come after what seemed like the world's longest, coldest, snowiest winter in Massachusetts. It was hard to believe that the busy field season was (relatively) right around the corner when there was still piles of snow up to our hips, but warm temperatures finally got rid of the last of it! Come April, it was time to hit the ground running to do the much needed basic maintenance on the Bay Circuit Trail after a harsh winter and quick spring bloom.

Spreading mulch
The first free Saturday work party of the season took place at Stanley Iron Works Park, part of the Nunckatessett Greenway in West Bridgewater, MA. This gem along the Bay Circuit hosted a group from Blue Cross Blue Shield last year that removed a section of poison-ivy covered fence, installed a new sign and benches, and made the park open and inviting. Seventeen volunteers joined us this year to continue the great work from 2014. Groups spread mulch and cleared vegetation along the open riverside area, stabilized old crib steps along a slope next to the dam, installed a 40 foot fence along a once-dangerous viewing area along the river, and re-posted two bat boxes that had fallen over.

Team installing the fence
Re-set crib stairs
Our first custom crew of the year took place last week at Callahan State Park in Framingham, MA. A group of employees from Marsh & McClennan Agency teamed up with us to help brush out sections of the Bay Circuit through the Park. Volunteers tackled overgrown forsythia and burning bush, an invasive plant, as well as general trail clearing. New Bay Circuit Trail markers replaced old, cracked, or missing blazes - be on the lookout for these new markers as they slowly begin to replace the white blazes!
Posting the new trail markers
Stopping to enjoy the view
We hit the ground running, and we won't stop until winter is back again! Check out the full schedule for volunteer events, including one-day, weekend, and custom crew events, as well as the first ever week-long Teen Trail Crew!

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