Another Teen Trail Season Come and Gone!

It’s week 10 of our Teen Trail Crew season – that means summer is done and school is upon us!  As we close out the busiest part of the full trail season, it’s time to start looking back at what we accomplished.

We’ve done more of the same of course, heading back to Imp trail for our usual staff rock work training.  It was a muddy mess and the Crew Leaders may not have realized it at the time, but if they didn’t learn a mountain of rock work skills while mired in the mud, they learned a far more valuable lesson of the importance of tenacity and fortitude.

Once we unleashed the Crew Leaders and crews on the trails, we went back to old standby projects, like our local neighborhood trail, 19-Mile Brook.  There, we helped our fellow trail workers on the AMC Pro Crew tidy up a new section of trail.  And this week, as is the tradition with the last week of each season, we headed across the street and up into the Great Gulf wilderness with a smaller crew to chip away at the more remote projects in the Whites.


Not all was old hat this year; we did go to new places as well.  Like the alpine zone trails all around Madison Spring Hut, where we had the chance to perform some much needed alpine trail maintenance thanks to a generous $2,500 grant from the Waterman Fund.  The two weeks of Teen Trail Crews we had up there with Waterman Fund support went a long way to helping to keep people off the fragile alpine flora and on the rocky, ever-worn trails. 

Even though so many of our trails up here are beaten paths of exposed earth in desperate need of some TLC, we don’t worry because we’re always educating and preparing the next generation of trail workers and conservation leaders.  We develop teens throughout their high school career from simple base camp crews to the 4-Week Leadership and Conservation crew.  On the 4-Week crew, the teens complete loads of trail work, but learn about all the efforts the AMC and our partners like the Waterman Fund put into protection and promotion of the wonderful White Mountains!