Professional Trails Service

Taking a break for a crew photo on the Rhode Island project!

Hello trails world!

I have been out of touch and away from my computer for much of the summer traveling alongside a very busy Trail Crew.  As I mentioned in a previous post, our trail crew goes by a variety of names, including (but not limited to) the Roving Conservation Crew, Roving Contract Crew, Contract Crew, RCC, and one season even referred to themselves as the Rock Pile… For time’s sake, and to continue with the AMC’s long standing tradition of using three letter acronyms, I will from here on out refer to them as the RCC.

Some of the Equipment used for building the accessible trail.
As mentioned above, the RCC has been very busy this summer, in fact for the first time since we began this program, we have been able to run multiple crews for the majority of the season. We have had many projects under our belts, but there is one project in particular I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention, The Camp Meehan/Governor Notte Park walking trails: 

Preparing a log stringer for the bridge
With fear of some of the last remaining open space in the City of North Providence Rhode Island being sold to developers, the City was able to purchase the 15 acre parcel known as Camp Meehan/Governor Notte Park.  Soon thereafter, the city contacted the AMC to discuss building/upgrading the trail system around the property.  A plan was set in place, and in May of 2015, the RCC broke ground on this project.  Over the next nine weeks the RCC used excavators and skid steers, rakes and shovels, chainsaws and skill saws, and good ole’ hammer and nails to construct a series of universally accessible trails, natural surface trails, ramps, stairs and bridges to the highest level of AMC standards.  The project was completed just before the parks 4th of July Celebration.  Camp Meehan/Governor Notte Park is now a real gem for locals and visitors alike; whether a visitor to the park would like to go for a nice easy stroll on a hardened surface accessible trail, or venture off  into the woods on a natural surface trail, this little park in the heart of Rhode Island now has something to offer any visitor!

Bridge, in progress.
I could continue on about the many projects we’ve worked on this year, but this Rhode Island project was a huge undertaking and worthy of mention, so for now, happy Trails. And if you find yourself in Rhode Island this summer, go check out some of the RCC’s work! I think you will be impressed!